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As we studied and learned what works to improve outcomes, we found hope in the incredible success found in programs for licensed professionals. Many of these programs incorporate continued monitoring and support that lasts for years.


From our research, we know that a longer commitment to each client – along with careful monitoring and family involvement – will make a significant difference. Our partnership with Debra Jay and her Structured Family Recovery™ Program is designed to significantly reduce the risk of relapse and help our clients lead stronger, healthier lives.

Our focus is on giving men back their dignity and sense of purpose in life. At Dynamic Life Recovery Center, our clients’ wellbeing and quality of life always comes first. We specialize in delivering a high level of care for as long as is medically necessary for the clients’ recovery. Through regular contact with clients and their families after they leave treatment, we seek to ensure everyone stays on track.


Addictions don’t just affect individuals—they affect whole families.  At Dynamic Life Recovery families are invited and encouraged to participate in the treatment process.  Our family therapy engages both clients and members of their families to increase healthy communication, and to support each other during and after treatment.

We believe strongly that each clients’ family must play an important role in their loved one’s recovery. Dynamic Life Recovery Center involves the family of clients from the moment treatment begins, through either in-person therapy sessions or therapy via Skype. This ensures that any aspect of the family dynamic which may contribute to addictive behavior, even relapse, are addressed enabling healing to begin as soon as possible.


Clinical research demonstrates improved outcomes in gender specific programs.  The gender-specific programming at Dynamic Life Recovery creates an atmosphere of openness and acceptance within the group and minimizes the distractions found in co-ed facilities.  Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs are designed to provide a safe environment where clients are able to focus exclusively on recovery and transformation.

Dynamic Life offers a full continuum of gender specific addiction treatment programs for men.  Access to comprehensive addiction recovery provides a valuable continuity of care for our clients, their families, Pastors and church communities as well as referring addiction professionals. Our drug alcohol rehab facilities located in the Treasure Coast region of Florida offer the perfect setting for a successful recovery experience.


At Dynamic Life Recovery our beliefs and principles of operation make us unique in our commitment to others. Contained within our principles and beliefs are the promises our clients expect for health and healing, power and freedom, over their addictive disorder.

DevotionalsWe believe in:

  • The whole mind, body, spirit approach to addiction treatment
  • The utilization of an evidence-based medical model,
  • The 12-step philosophy and approach to recovery pathways
  • Alternate forms of treatment in nutrition, activity, exercise, and meditation
  • Long-term recovery with strong accountability and guidance
  • Transitional and transformational care in a continuum of care
  • Integrated family approach to addiction treatment
  • The healing power of God, God’s Word, and prayer
  • Gender-specific addiction treatment for men
  • Finally, we believe in our clients that they can achieve a healthy, productive life, powerful and free.

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