Long Term Care

The statistics are staggering: 50-90% of addicts and alcoholics relapse in their first year following treatment. Common consensus is that relapse is a part of recovery and is unavoidable in the majority of cases. How is it, then, that another group of addicted people have so much success in recovery that nearly 90% are still sober five years after treatment?

The answer is to use the formula for sustained recovery that many licensed professionals have succeeded with for decades, the Physician Health Program (a successful plan used to treat addicted physicians). Renowned Author and Interventionist Debra Jay calls this program “the gold standard of treatment” that should be available to and used by everyone who suffers from the disease of addiction.

Lifelong Recovery

The lifelong recovery journey begins when the acute phase of inpatient treatment ends. To greatly increase a client’s outcomes for recovery, there must be an extended care plan in place before he leaves this acute phase and graduates to a lower level of care and increased responsibility. This extended care plan should include three main parts:

Recovery Mentoring:

Mentors keep clients in early recovery from feeling isolated, provide perspective, and help them to connect with AA and other local available resources.

Clinical Monitoring:

Random screenings and aftercare attendance reports provide accountability for clients and ease of mind for families.

Family Counseling and Ongoing Support:

Keeping the family recovery team united in their goals keeps everyone on track.

Because every individual has slightly different needs in recovery, every extended care plan will be slightly different. The important thing is to have a plan in place before the end of the treatment phase of recovery and to get buy-in from the client and his family. Living successfully in recovery is a lifelong pursuit which requires an active recovery plan.

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Drug Detox Programs Vero Beach FL
Drug Detox Programs Vero Beach FL
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