Structured Family Recovery


Structured Family Recovery™ transforms recovery into a shared journey the family takes together with the newly sober alcoholic or addict. It creates positive social norms, behavioral expectations, triggers for recovery, family cohesiveness, and fun. It does all this while keeping it simple.

Here are the core action steps:

  1. A one-hour Structured Family Recovery™ conference call each week.
  2. A one-hour 12-step recovery meeting for families per week.

These two hours each week create a new direction that changes lives and changes families. The book It Takes a Family offers the road map to the journey, and a Structured Family Recovery™ counselor is the experienced guide. The destination is a place where everyone is okay and happy and safe.

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  • If we can trust just a bit, if not yet in each other, in the greater providence of good, and walk forward with only the barest of faith, we will find what we could not see before. Too few find their way alone. Let us bring family and the beloved addict together. It is in the “we’ that we find an elegance in life that is as sweet as it is powerful.
    -Debra Jay, It Takes a Family


Please take these three simple steps:

  1. Obtain a copy of It Takes a Family: A Cooperative Approach to Structured Recovery.
  2. Read the first 34 pages (and ask other close family members to do the same).
  3. Call 1-844-712-1080 to discuss how your family can begin this cooperative approach to lasting sobriety.

“In over 20 years of specializing in family systems and addiction, I’ve never seen families change so quickly. As a matter of fact, I see things happen in 2 to 3 weeks that, as a profession, we just weren’t able to make happen before. I see how these changes are having a profound effect on reducing the relapse rate in families.”

– Steve Hanna, SFR counselor

“Every time my mother relapsed, as a family, we stood outside the recovery circle, pointing in at her and judging her. But now our family has stepped inside the circle, holding hands and doing recovery together.”

-27-year-old-son of an addicted mom


Dynamic Life Recovery works with families. All of our patients are part of a family, big or small, near or far…and family is the greatest untapped reservoir of influence when it comes to making lasting sobriety a reality.

However, this requires coming together in a way we haven’t done before. Structured Family Recovery™ is a remarkable journey family member’s take together and, by doing so, crowd addiction out of family life by infusing it with recovery.

Structured Family Recovery™ is simple. Yet it’s life altering in ways no one expects. It is a structure that keeps families moving in a direction that not only leads to recovery, but also reveals our deep sense of belonging to one another. It doesn’t take long before everyone realizes they are part of the same team.

We are no longer at odds – you against me, me against you. Instead, with Structured Family Recovery™, families do what families are meant to do: Work together for the common good of the whole family. We take the power away from addiction and rediscover our family in terms of our values, dreams, and possibilities.


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